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The second big challenge of the competition was the obstacle course!  Here's a recap of the action…

The wall of stardom was an imposing first obstacle.  Even without his magic, Jareth scaled it nimbly and took an early lead – followed closely by Monte, who apparently is used to being on the run, and Glass Spider, who certainly takes after his namesake!  As for the others, Newton and Pierrot's light, slender bodies gave them an advantage in this challenge, while Sir Roland Moorecock and Vendice Partners proved a little…well, to be sensitive as possible, slower with regards to their physiques and came in last.

The moss garden leg literally kept the competitors on their toes.  The Thin White Duke's anxiousness served him well, as he did not step on any of the mines.  Lodger was nervy too, but though he did trigger a few mines he was not fazed by the explosions.  As for Ziggy Stardust, who already had problems scaling the wall of stardom, it was increasingly obvious that this obstacle course was no place for him to wear his stacked heels…by the end of this leg, it was clear he'd had his socks knocked off (along with his boots).  Jareth proved unlucky with the mines, but having a great deal of experience with explosions due to his periodic inspections of his goblin army, he was able to shake them off and lost little ground to the Duke and company.  David just closed his eyes and dashed across…

The backwards run up the hill had its share of surprises.  Newton, who has quite a bit of skill negotiating hills and uneven ground, managed to take the lead.  Screamin' Lord Byron quickly became winded and required oxygen before he could continue.  He might have fallen to last place if not for Dory, who insisted on wearing one of his "man's dresses" and kept stumbling over its hem.  At least Jareth had the sense to not wear a cape today…

Major Tom was the first to succeed in throwing the heavy Rock of Fame against the road.  After the competition, he explained that he used mind over manner to heft it – imagining that he was on the moon and thus not subjected to Earthly gravity.  Poor Newton and the Duke, thanks to their frail bodies, had a lot of trouble with this obstacle, but both pulled it off.  Sir Roland had no trouble at all, on the other hand, thanks to his mounting anger over his poor performance thus far being taken out on the poor rock.  Lodger managed to trigger a mine when he made his throw; what is it about him and explosions?

Next up was the costume change challenge!  Blaylock apparently does a lot of quick changes in his…line of work…as he changed from a natty suit into an 18th century concert ensemble (powdered wig and all) with speed and skill.  Newton was feeling thirsty by this point, and shed his snow-white longjohns and even his human skin for his form-fitting water-tank equipped bodysuit in less than five minutes.  Serious Moonlight changed from a yellow tailored suit into a powder-blue tailored suit in less time than it takes to play the intro to "Station to Station", and Glass Spider went from red three-piece suit to gold lame with similar speed.  Sir Roland Moorecock had to examine several suits before he found one suitable to change into, while Vendice Partners was not near so fussy.  Bringing up the rear, Screamin' Lord Byron and Ziggy Stardust were distracted by their mutual need for a full change of makeup along with their clothes, and Pierrot and the Thin White Duke didn't seem to understand the idea of wearing something besides their usual attire and with great reluctance agreed to don T-shirts and blue jeans to finish the obstacle.  David, on the other hand, swapped out his three-piece suit for denim and a tee with no complaint.

As a detective, it is not surprising that Nathan Adler was the first to successfully finish the sharpshooting challenge, scoring a bulls-eye with a single bullet.  While not as experienced with marksmanship, Newton knew enough about guns to hit the target on his first try as well, as did Julian (who pumped a few more bullets into it for good measure).  The Thin White Duke, more accustomed to aiming darts than bullets, needed a few tries before he scored a hit.  Serious Moonlight's aim proved seriously off – his first bullet ricocheted off a nearby tree.  But he said "It's not the end of the world," and his second shot proved true.

The climactic dash to the finish line had Monte keeping up his strong, steady pace, but Glass Spider virtually skittered ahead of him to break the tape!  David, not wanting to come in behind all of his own selves, finished in third with a burst of speed.  Last place went to poor Dory, whose continued insistence on wearing long dresses even after the costume change challenge proved to be his downfall.  Sir Roland, being the second-to-last place finisher after his frustration caused him to misfire several times in the target challenge, gleefully took the "honor" of declaring his own teammate eliminated from the competition.  What a pity…but Dory left for New York with his head and his skirt held high.
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This was entertaining and funny to read!
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